Caring for people who are blind or partially sighted

About Us

We’re the Waltham Forest Blind Association e (WFBA), the UK’s charity supporting blind and partially sighted people

In an effort to address many of the real concerns that confront those with vision loss and to provide a vital resource, WFBA was founded in ……… It is a non-profit organization of blind people who want to help other blind people. It serves as a problem solving organization and is a guide that blind people can turn to in times of need.

Almost two million people in the UK have significant sight loss. They are predominantly older people and, as more of us live longer, these numbers are set to increase. With this demographic shift come new challenges: more older people needing support to live with sight loss, and more experiencing sight loss alongside other challenges often associated with ageing, including the need to manage multiple long term conditions, lower income, reduced social networks and experience of bereavement. In this context, we need to ensure more older people are able to look after their sight for themselves and are enabled to live independently, with real choice and control over their lives.


We are very grateful for the generosity of our sponsors and business partners. Without their support, we would be unable to continue our vital work.